Caffeinated CX

Type: Paid

Caffeinated CX is a platform that aims to significantly enhance customer support efficiency using autofill AI. This AI is designed to draft responses based on a company’s support history, ensuring that the responses are on-brand and relevant. The platform boasts of features like auto-drafting responses, auto triaging tickets, suggesting macros, and more, all powered by AI. They claim to improve full resolution times by 45%, offer 100% on-brand responses, and have a 29% deflection rate. The AI is available 24/7 and has led to 37% higher satisfaction scores and 59% faster response times for their clients. Caffeinated CX integrates natively with popular support platforms like Zendesk and Intercom. The platform is trusted by numerous leading brands and handles over 1.1 million tickets and 2 million email responses per month. They emphasize their quick implementation time, with a mere 57 seconds to install and start using the platform. The AI is trained using a company’s knowledge center, website, and past responses, ensuring accuracy and relevance in its suggestions. It’s compatible with various support software and can work across multiple languages.

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