Type: Paid is a cutting-edge Business Intelligence platform designed to transform raw data into actionable insights swiftly and efficiently. With features like Auto-Clean, Auto-Analyse, and Auto-Visualise, it offers a seamless experience for individuals and teams, even those without technical skills, to comprehend their data and make informed decisions. The platform is equipped with AI capabilities that automatically rectify inconsistencies in data files, such as CSV, Excel, and Google sheets. Users can instantly visualize their data stories, clean data without the need for complex formulas, and even augment their data with additional information like currency conversions or weather data. emphasizes collaboration, allowing users to share interactive visuals through various platforms and annotate charts for discussions. With a strong focus on GDPR/PDPA compliance, the platform ensures data security and privacy. Whether you’re a business manager, data analyst, or business owner, is designed to cater to your data analysis needs, making the process 10X faster and 80% more efficient for repetitive tasks.

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