Type: Paid (IMAI) is a premier influencer marketing platform designed to revolutionize the way brands and agencies connect with influencers. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help businesses discover the perfect influencers for their campaigns, manage influencer relationships, and measure the success of their influencer marketing efforts. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Discover Influencers: With access to over 300 million influencers, users can filter and find the ideal influencers based on audience characteristics, engagements, keywords, and interests.
  • Influencer Insights: The platform provides detailed demographic and psychographic analysis of an influencer’s audience, ensuring a thorough understanding before selecting brand advocates.
  • AI-Powered Communication: Experience the advantages of ChatGPT within, an AI-driven tool that optimizes communication methods, streamlining influencer outreach and management.
  • Efficient Influencer Management: The platform offers tools to manage influencer relationships, budgets, and workflows, fostering seamless collaborations for efficient campaign execution.
  • LiveLinks: A unique feature that offers real-time performance monitoring, allowing influencers to create custom-tracked links for campaigns.
  • Campaign Tracking: Centralize and track all influencer content using the Intelligent Marketing Analytics Interface, customizing dashboards for effective decision-making.
  • Real-Time Sales Reporting: Gain insights into campaign performance with detailed metrics like clicks, sales, ROI, and conversion rates.

In addition to these features, boasts integrations with Shopify & WooCommerce and offers a social listening tool that enables businesses to monitor competitors and discover new influencers. The platform’s mission is to help businesses boost their sales by connecting them with the right influencers, measuring campaign success, and delivering outstanding results via a branded interface.

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