MD Editor

Type: Free is an in-browser Markdown editor that offers an unrivaled writing experience for web writers and developers. It features unique Markdown syntax highlighting that helps visualize the final rendering of your files, and WYSIWYG controls for easy formatting, thanks to PageDown, the same editor used by Stack Overflow.

The interface of StackEdit is designed to provide flexibility without sacrificing functionality, whether you’re writing, reviewing, or commenting. It includes a live preview with Scroll Sync to keep an eye on the output as you write. StackEdit is also designed to stay connected, with the ability to sync your files with Google Drive, Dropbox, and GitHub, and even publish them as blog posts to platforms like Blogger, WordPress, and Zendesk.

Collaboration is a breeze with StackEdit, as it allows for shared workspaces and has a synchronization mechanism to merge changes from multiple collaborators working simultaneously. It also supports inline comments and embedded discussions, akin to Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

StackEdit is accessible even offline, mimicking the capabilities of a desktop application, so you can write anywhere, anytime. It supports various Markdown flavors, including GitHub Flavored Markdown, Markdown Extra, and CommonMark. Additionally, it can render LaTeX mathematical expressions, UML diagrams, musical scores using ABC notation, and even emojis.

StackEdit is a powerful tool for anyone looking to write or edit Markdown files directly in their browser, with extended support for a variety of Markdown features and seamless integration with other web services.

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