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Olympia is a platform that offers businesses the opportunity to grow with the help of virtual consultants powered by AI. Instead of hiring expensive human resources, Olympia provides AI-powered experts that are both affordable and efficient. With plans starting at just $20 per month, Olympia boasts capabilities that surpass those of ChatGPT, including full web search and browsing, memory and note-taking, and collaborative teamwork among AI consultants. The platform introduces a range of AI consultants with expertise in various fields such as business strategy, contract negotiation, copywriting, and sales. Olympia is an ideal solution for startups looking for cost-effective alternatives to human hires and solopreneurs seeking to enhance their work-life balance. Unlike other competitors, Olympia offers unrestricted access without rate limits, humanized interactions without constant AI reminders, and ensures security and privacy with encrypted communication channels. The platform also allows users to make their AI conversations public, likened to a new form of blogging.

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