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ProductScope is an AI-driven platform designed to enhance and streamline Amazon businesses. The platform offers a range of tools powered by advanced AI models such as ChatGPT. Key features of ProductScope include:

  • Amazon Review Analytics: This tool allows users to dive deep into thousands of product reviews, create word clouds, and uncover customer intent, sentiment, and purchase motivations. By leveraging advanced Voice of Customer (VoC) analysis, brands can gain invaluable insights and outsmart their competition.
  • Amazon Listing Optimizations: ProductScope uses OpenAI’s latest models combined with a unique approach to help brands build product listings that resonate with their target audience and convert effectively.
  • AI Image Photoshoot Tool: This tool transforms product images for Amazon e-commerce brands. It offers background removal and product placement in various settings, ensuring that product photos stand out.
  • Dobby – AI Chatbot Assistant: Dobby is an AI chatbot assistant proficient in Amazon selling. It can provide insights, support customer queries, and help in decision-making, acting as a high-level consultant for Amazon sellers.

The platform promises to make it easier for brands to improve product conversion rates and reach, aiming to help businesses scale faster. Many brands have testified to the effectiveness of ProductScope, with testimonials highlighting significant business growth and enhanced marketing strategies.

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