Type: Paid is a universal audio/video translation and lip-sync software that helps video content creators reach a global audience, unlock new revenue, and scale their content production.

With, creators can easily generate multilingual audio tracks for their videos, translate subtitles, and even clone their voices to create new characters or languages. The software is also equipped with advanced lip-sync technology that ensures that translated videos look natural and professional. is perfect for a wide range of video creators, including YouTubers, streamers, filmmakers, educators, and businesses. It is also a valuable tool for organizations that need to translate their video content for a global audience.


  • Translate video and audio files into over 100 languages
  • Generate subtitles in multiple languages
  • Clone voices to create new characters or languages
  • Advanced lip-sync technology for natural-looking videos
  • Easy to use and affordable


  • Reach a global audience with your videos
  • Unlock new revenue streams by translating your videos for international markets
  • Scale your content production by quickly and easily translating your videos into multiple languages
  • Create more engaging and professional videos with realistic lip-sync

Try today and see how it can help you take your video content to the next level!

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